Project Planning

At Selta Engineering we put special emphasis on supporting each of your projects through high quality engineering services applied to meet your needs and exceed your expectations:

  • Planning and cost estimation
    We analyze in full detail the difficulties of construction and the respective costs of a transmission line for new or ongoing projects.
  • Path definition
    We analyze through satellite photographs the path of a transmission line in order to facilitate access of materials and machinery for the execution of such projects.
  • Planning and feasibility studies
    We analyze costs associated with fulfilling investment recovery site specifications
  • Development of Basic Engineering
    We conduct feasibility studies necessary for suppliers and document construction processes involved in the supply and implementation.
  • Project management
    Our management reviews the development of all performance measures during project planning and execution, in order to stay within planned budgets.

We Respond with Energy

We are a team committed to technology and continuous training to make our best effort to deliver the solution you need.

Our Service



We toiled with international norms and standards . A transmission line can work with different criteria. According to the nature of the project, we employ local or international standards, to guarantee greater security.


From the moment we began a working relationship with our clients, we are part of your project - putting all our energy into providing the best solution in a timely manner.


Our commitment is reflected in the constant dedication that we bring to every project we take on. Our level of service, rather than a being a responsibility, is an integral part of our culture.