At Selta Engineering we are proud to be part of a collaborative effort that, together with our customers, we have built a project into a successful reality.

One constant that characterizes the beginning of each of our projects is the highest commitment and deep dedication that we bring to each phase of the process. We endeavor to achieve solutions with the level of quality that your project requires from start to finish.

For us there are no boundaries or barriers to deliver what we do best: excellent solutions for power transmission . At Selta, we know very well how to translate your needs into real opportunities through more secure and reliable backup . A sampling of some of our most important projects include:

Electromechanical Design LT Nacozari – Hermosillo 5

Project executed by Abengoa(pricipal costumer) to Comision Federal de Electricidad with 205 km of line 2 Circuits 2 cond / phase in 400 kV.

This project included the revision and coordination of topographic data collection, the optimal distribution of structures, development of distribution plans, drafting, Sag and tension construction tables, performing as-built plans.

Structural verification and revision using Tower© software.

The project included: TOWER © Files correction of structures type 2Z2 adapting them to the requirements of wind farm interconnection between Rosarito (Mexico) and Jacuma (AZ, USA) power line.


Revision and classification of a LIDAR topography data base for the LT Xpujil Xulha project. All scanned point on terrain were classified and all LIDAR points detailed a 3D terrain model over 500 m buffer determining graphically the natural terrain and vegetation project in coordination with Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.