Promises of Quality

Energy moves us


Our highly specialized experience in power transmission makes us the intelligent choice


At Selta Engineering, we know how important it is for you and your company to have all the technological support and specialized understanding that you need to successfully deliver power transmission projects. That is why we take into account the quality of our service and level of satisfaction that we deliver to our clients.

This means that we pay attention to ensure that we always meet your expectations and standards of construction and engineering in all of the work we do.

We review in detail each step of our work in order to achieve maximum efficiency and functionality for your company, all with the goal of assuring the best possible:

  • Quality assurance
  • Verification procedures
  • Zero fault tolerance
  • Customized solutions


When it comes to support and professional advice, we are specialists in providing agile, smart, functional solutions for you and your company with quick turnaround time.

We know that your work is important to you and there is no room for error. Given our expertise, at Selta Engineering we focus 100% on each of our activities, offering all of our capabilities, experience and confidence of the best team of professionals in our field.

No matter the circumstances or the size of your requirements, we are dedicated to carrying out your power transmission projects, always finding new and better ways to apply technology to deliver the ideal solution you require. Based on our experience, our tools and specialized software we use, we can help effectively select those that are most appropriate for your project needs.


  • Client service orientation

    Your company is in the center of all our activities . Our development work, services and efforts focus on the needs of our clients in order to achieve the best results.


    We are a responsible partner that you can trust, both now and in the future. Our services and our relationships with our customers stand out for their quality and longevity . We deliver what we promise with integrity.

  • Speed

    The prompt start up of our services is the essence of our business. We work quickly and guarantee our clients a level of response that will not only meet but also exceed their expectations.

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